About us

Evelina Chatzigoula is an interior architect, with studies in computer science that certainly contribute in their own way to the new era and modern requirements. Since 2010 she has decided to dedicate herself exclusively to what she loves, expressing both her artistic concerns and her creativity.

Knowing well that success is always brought by a good team, she gradually began to look for the best professionals that would be necessary for the staffing of her company, EC interiors. Thus, EC interiors consisted of a team of decorators and 3D designers, with many years of experience in interior architecture, while collaborating with a large network of specialized craftsmen. All this guarantees a result of high aesthetics and quality, especially when talent, empathy, diligence and dedication are your compasses.

How we work

EC interiors treats each person as a separate unit with its own unique needs and desires.

Every space tells a story, which its "reformers" or designers are called to discover and imprint it by usign their own means.The key is to upgrade the space in a smart way but at the same time respect and highlighting its special features. 

Evelina and her collaborators believe that spaces should be created in a unique, balanced, elegant and harmonious with their surroundings, way.

The basic premise is that a well-designed space solves problems but never creates them. For this reason, important denominators in design and execution are functionality, ergonomics, usability and comfort.

"We do everything possible in order to earn your trust and guarantee the outcome, so that in the end we enjoy the final smile and satisfaction of the person who will live and listen το the space we took care of, every day single day. The key to success for a professional and his team is to go overboard, striving for the impossible. As Albert Einstein said, "It is not possible to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's tools."

We are a team of engineers, designers and technicians with shared values and goals to create and achieve individual results in the construction and decoration but also together for one. The customer!

The "ec" is a means of communication that you would expect to symbolize reliability, consistency and confidence. It is the inviolable rules that guide our habits, our behavior and our attitude in any transaction related to our professional activities.

The central role of "ec" is to create and transform residential and business areas where you experience a pleasant and memorable experience. Uncompromising belief is that together we can achieve results in any case we can not achieve alone.